Tomorrow 125 is a programme of events run by TCPA (Town and Country Planning Association) to celebrate 125 years of the publication of ‘Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform’ by Ebinezer Howard.

The programme of events will explore the learnings from Howard’s work, to help us address that perpetual but urgent question at a time of global crises.

At a time when the climate crisis is impossible to ignore, and we cautiously feel our way into the new post-pandemic ‘normal’, does the Garden City idea offer insights into a new way to live in the 21st Century?

The design and development ot the Tomorrow 125 website is the central piece in the programme, allowing visitors to explore the findings of Howard’s publication, by visiting the locations around the Garden City square.

Visit the tomorrow 125 website

The project
Web development

A graphic toolkit was created, based around the ‘town square’, including the Garden City founder, Ebinezer Howard.