BRE have two great software products, widely used in the construction industry for environmental (SmartWaste) and health and safety (YellowJacket) site monitoring and reporting.

The business wanted to bring these two products closer together under one banner, so SmartSite was created.

Working with the sales and marketing teams, a new look and feel was created and applied to the new website, which clearly shows the benefits of each product. It also allows existing users to login and manage their projects.

The project
Web development
A set od icon designs

Creating capability icons

Working with the product team, a new set of capabilities was identified for each product that makes it easier for customers to understand the benefits of the products.

A set of icons designs

Shows section of website page


The two products have distinct audiences, so it was important to make it clear who they are for.

Design fro website page

SmartWaste landing page

Sample page of website design

YellowJacket landing page

Diagram showing design of website pages


Working with the product owners and marketing team, first of all in an open workshop to understand the target audiences, product spec and benefits, a set of wireframes was created to communicate to all the project stakeholders how the site would work.

Finished pages

Final design

The design for the site used a distinct colour palette for each product, the capability icons, the creation of the city landscapes.

The final development was done in Wordpress (never again!).