The Parliamentary Digital Service (PDS) works with the House of Commons, the House of Lords, and Parliament staff delivering digital strategy and implementation.

The IAM Parliament development programme was created to help the PDS team express their individual contribution in the digital transformation of the UK’s Parliament, and the organisation’s wider digital strategy.

The IAM Alphabet was created to make individual IAM statements. These were used across mission patches, internal communications and training workshops.

The alphabet was based on Open Sans, created in three colourways. All of the PDS team were invited to think about a single word which expressed their contribution, which in turn created their unique IAM.

The project
Art Direction
Brand guidelines
Graphic text IAM Dedicated
Graphic text IAM Dynamic
Graphic text IAM Honest
Graphic text IAM Parliament
Custom letters of the IAM alphabet

The IAM Alphabet

Based on Open Sans, the characters were made up of individual strokes, representing the elements of the team.

Showing colours to be used in the design


A bright and vibrant colour palette was used. Each member of the team could pick a colour that reflected them the best, along with their word.

Showing brand guidelines booklet pages, plus lanyard and button badge


Studio Metier created a simple-to-use booklet explaining how the in-house design team could produce more type marks, plus illustrating their use across branded assets such as Powerpoint slides, workshop materials and badges!